Our vision is for you to make the best use of technology in your business in the ever-changing world that we live in.

This starts with our belief that IT is about more than just computers. It is firstly about understanding business problems that real people have. We aim to understand your business better so that we can provide quality targeted advice and solutions.

We must also recognise that technology rapidly changes, and so what is "best" will also change. When Sir Technology was founded in Perth in 2005, the "cloud" meant things in the sky that drop rain, "tweets" were sounds that birds make, and Windows XP was the most widely used computer system!

Over 15 years later, in 2021, we see the following 3 areas as requiring the most focus for small businesses:

   1. Technology life-cycle processes (business requirements, setup, support, and end-of-life)

      2. Protection and Recovery Strategies for IT systems (cyber-security and disaster recovery)

                      3. Budget management for IT expenditure (minimise unexpected cost surges and improve planning)


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