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Our vision is for you to be able to use technology in your Australian business safely

This starts with our belief that cybersecurity is about people first. People click on links in emails. People download files from the internet. People login to internet banking. Let's help your people be safe using the computer so that you have less to worry about!

We must also recognise that technology rapidly changes, and so what is "best" will also change. When James Pearce started Sir Technology in 2005, the "cloud" meant things in the sky that drop rain, "tweets" were sounds that birds make, and Windows XP was the most widely used computer system!

Over 15 years later, using the internet in small business has become a minimum requirement, with some staff working completely out of the office. Unfortunately, cyber-criminals can work from home too, and defeating anti-virus can be done in under 30 minutes!


Talk to us today about beginning the journey to make your business safer.

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