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Windows 11 Is Here: A Quick Overview

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Windows 11 comes out in less than a week - the official date is October 5. If you're wondering "what's new?" then here's our quick overview for you.

Note: Our previous recommendation still holds: Don't update your business computers yet. There is no driving reason to do so, and most software vendors we see (e.g. MYOB, Autodesk, D4W, Bluebeam, and even HP) are still not officially supporting Windows 11.

Good General Items

  • It's a free update from Windows 10

  • Updates download faster

  • Touch screen use is easier, and subjectively, it's "prettier".

Good Security Items

  • There's a new microphone usage indicator. A very minor change but important: If an app is using your microphone, you will now be able to see. Given how invasive software is becoming, I think this is a great addition.

  • The old Internet Explorer gone, replaced by the new Edge browser (which is comparable to Chrome). IE has a whole lot of security holes, but some organizations still use it. Now they will be forced to update to a more secure browser.

Not So Good Items

  • Hardware requirements are higher (PC's older than 3 years are iffy, and you won't be allowed to install)

  • For Home users, you will now NEED a Microsoft account to setup a new computer (another online account in addition to your Apple ID for your iPhone and GMail account for your Google Home...)

  • Core system under the hood seems to be the same (e.g. same drivers). That means security holes in Windows 10 are likely to be in Windows 11 as well (for now).

For an even more detailed explanation, please see the article written by our friends over at Ars Technica.



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