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Why You Need A Password Manager App In 2022

Updated: May 17, 2022

Are you guilty of thinking "oh, I don't need a password manager, I have a complex password already"?

Here's the problem with that: You, me, and everyone else are signing up to something new online every other week. Ikea is giving a $10 discount when you sign up online. Coles is giving free delivery for a month when you sign up online. The HotCopper share trading site wants you to sign up to be able to see attachments. And every time we do this, we need to give them our email address, and setup a new password. Have you ever re-used the same password as you use for something else?

This is where using a password manager app really helps. It isn't just about being able to generate some random password. It's more like a wallet, where you can have all of your different cards (passwords) together. If one card (password) gets stolen, then you just replace that card (password). You don't have to throw out everything in the wallet!

So if every password manager does, that, which one is the best? We use and recommend BitWarden to everyone.

3 reasons BitWarden is the best password manager

1. BitWarden has a proper free version

The free BitWarden version has full password management baked in. It's cloud based, it's not limited to 10 passwords, and not limited to 2 devices or similar. It has the mobile app, desktop app, and browser extension. The limitation is mainly that it is designed for a single person, and so team / family sharing options are missing. Go and signup to BitWarden now and give it a go!

2. BitWarden can make a full backup to an encrypted CSV file

This is hugely important: If something ever happens to Bitwarden, or you lock yourself out of your account, you will be able to go back and open up the CSV file that you backed up with BitWarden. The file is a full backup with passwords and is encrypted so that your passwords are still safe in the file.

3. You can run the BitWarden server yourself if you want

While this is not important to most people, the fact that BitWarden makes this possible is a huge benefit. It means that you can run the BitWarden software completely separate to their cloud. This is a clear indication that BitWarden actually stand behind the product itself, not just a cloud service that you need to pay forever to use.

Sure, there are other password managers that are great. I personally work with several clients that use Dashlane and Lastpass for password management, and it works fine for them. If you don't already have a system then BitWarden is the best password manager application we have used overall.



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