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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 Highlights

Around the end of June every year, Apple hold their WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). While the name sounds as though this only targets developers, Apple also uses the conference to announce new and exciting things they are doing to the world-at-large (i.e. consumers!).

This year, they did the conference online. If you don't have hours and hours to go through all of the recorded presentations, you can check out this sub-20 minute clip of the keynote that gives the highlights:

Most of the keynote is in regards to the mobile devices and iOS 14. At the very end of the presentation though, is the announcement that Apple will be shifting away from Intel for the Mac desktops, and moving to use the same kind of processor that is used in the iPad.

For developers, this means they have to re-program their apps for the new processors. For consumers, this should lead to an interesting side effect: Apps that run on the iPad or iPhone will technically be able to run on the Mac!

There are some obvious limitations to this (you can't pick up the monitor and tilt it in your hands to play that racing game!), but I think it will be an interesting change to be able to buy an app on the computer for $1.99. Most software producers are still selling the desktop version of their software for 10x the price of what it is on the iPhone / iPad.



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