This is Dylan*

He's a freelance hacker

With so many people working from home, his work is now easier than ever.

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Don't wait until Dylan reaches your business.

*Made up name and story. Risk is real. Every 8 minutes someone in Australia gets hacked!




Cybersecurity Assessments

We can save you time by highlighting the business areas that will benefit most from your attention with an inexpensive cybersecurity audit.

Cybersecurity Review Program

Hackers keep inventing new ways to bypass business security systems. Get pro-active now with our ongoing cybersecurity program.

Full Service Cybersecurity

Want the best? We have partnered with leading cybersecurity software firms to deliver a comprehensive package for small businesses.


What People Say

The advice James has given us over the years for managing our IT has been instrumental as our business grew. From computers, to internet, to phones, we know we can continue to rely on the team at Sir Technology for great IT support!

- Marko Valentini, MSA Group