At Sir Technology we are well aware that a piece of software is not a solution in itself, and we focus on end-to-end management of IT services to SME’s.  We operate with a project management mentality, and any IT requirements which we cannot fulfill internally, we can manage for you. We will work with you until your business requirements are fulfilled and you are satisfied with the solution.

Typical business needs that we handle are:
  • Network planning (matching the logical needs to the physical reality) and deployment
  • New server rollout and upgrades (on-site and hosted)
  • Network fabric maintenance
  • Website lifecycle management (design, development, deployment and maintenance of your website)
  • Cloud services (EMail & Web, Off-site backup, MS Exchange and other Microsoft Server applications)
  • IT support agreements
  • New VOIP PBX setups and maintenance (new extensions, satellite offices, IVR, voice recording)
  • Consulting and project management on any of the above features