At Sir Technology, we specialise in providing IT management and support to small-to-medium businesses in the Perth area. We believe there is more to IT than just selling you a widget and telling you that your problems will be solved when you buy it. We will work with you to understand your business situation and tailor a solution to fit your needs using the best combination of standard technology.

Typical business needs that we handle are:

General IT Support

  • Call us when things break
  • Alternatively have us actively manage your IT to minimize down time in the first place

Perth Hosted Cloud Services

  • Web and email hosting including Microsoft Exchange and Kerio Connect
  • Automatic off-site data backups
  • Custom hosted solutions

Computer Network Planning and Maintenance

  • Taking care of your existing network
  • Assisting with the planning and implementation of new servers / equipment and moving offices

IT Consulting

  • On all of the above services, including 2nd opinions to ensure your business is getting the best IT info possible
  • On specific business workflow where you want to use IT to improve your business efficiency
  • On specific projects where you need a professional opinion for the IT component