How Can An IT Consultant Help?

  • You believe your business IT systems can be improved but do not know how to measure this
  • You have fundamental problems with your IT infrastructure but do not know how to narrow down the solution path
  • You require an objective yet informed industry opinion on certain IT issues
There are many reasons how an IT consultant can assist, not limited to those listed opposite. Ultimately, the role of a consultant is to take stock of the present situation, consider your existing problem set / query, and make a recommendation of both a solution / solutions and a pathway to get there. Whilst we often get specific requests such as “we need a migration path from SBS2003 to Windows Server 2008”, we will try to address the underlying problem first (i.e. “SBS2003 no longer services our needs”). Your IT infrastructure is not just the server hardware or software, but the combined collection of hardware, software, network fabric, vendor relationships, and existing workflow organization. These are outlined further into categories below.
Risk Assessment
Is your data safe and secure? Are you adequately protecting all of the systems that IT infrastructure depends on to run? Are you aware of policy breaches that are affecting your workflow efficiency?
Configuration Management
Accurately planning any movement in your IT infrastructure will require knowledge of how the existing infrastructure is configured. Is your documentation up to date? Do you know what the IT component of your Disaster Recovery Plan is?
Improvement Planning
You know your business is growing but do you know how to scale the IT infrastructure up accordingly? Are you aware of vendor enforced upgrade paths that may impact your business both directly and indirectly?