Our monitoring system has revealed that one of our servers has experienced a couple of ‘micro’ outages (< 15 minutes) in the past week. We have narrowed the problem down to a hardware issue, and will be moving affected services to another server this evening. This will cause approximately 15 minutes of downtime between 11:30PM and 11:45PM WST.
We have completed hardware upgrades on the primary customer mail server systems. Some customers will see mail searches on large inboxes go faster, as well as all customers experiencing a faster webmail experience. For customers receiving large volumes of mail daily, the mail may also come through faster than previously.
Sir Technology has partnered with Kerio Connect to offer customers the leading alternative to Microsoft Exchange . Hosted on our Perth cloud system, our Kerio Connect services allows customers to embrace full email / calendar / contact sharing between staff, synchronization between mobile devices, and on-line cloud backup of this data. For desktop users, these features will plug into existing Microsoft Outlook installations. Hosting this on our own infrastructure means faster turn around for support cases as compared to systems hosted on another company’s network. Plans customized to suit you business and staff are available now so please contact us to enquire how we can improve your email systems.