About Sir Technology

Sir Technology was founded in Perth in 2005 as a freelance IT contracting business by James Pearce. Over the next 3 years, the business grew a steady client base in the small-to-medium business space. Being a freelance IT contractor gives exposure to many of the ‘cowboy’ IT companies that exist where jobs are left incomplete, clients are left uninformed, and what solutions are created require fixing again in the near future. This raises the question “Why can’t IT people do it right the first time?”.

To make this vision a reality, around 2008 the decision was made to move to become a more complete IT provider, whilst still maintaining the integrity and reliability that built our client base in the first place. We started to build strategic partnerships with other quality IT companies so that we could provide a wide range of IT services to clients without needing to “hand ball” your business to a 3rd party.

In 2010 we started vertically integrating some of the services we were relying on upstream providers for in order to provide better and faster support for our clients. We have continued expanding in this way and, towards the end of 2014, we moved our server / hosting equipment into our own dedicated area in the secure Tier 3 Nextgen data center in Perth.

Being housed in a Tier 3 data center means that we can offer the same level of security and reliability in the data center to SME’s that is afforded by national financial institutions and governments. After all, if the location that your data is stored is no more secure than your business office space, then it is questionable as to whether it is worthwhile locating it outside of the office in the first place.


Today, we are capable of servicing small business IT needs in Perth in the following key areas:

General IT Support

  • Sometimes computers break. You want to know that you can call the same people in to fix it each time.
  • Your business is growing, IT needs are changing fast, and you want to partner with an IT firm to bring the planning, support, and maintenance into a single point of call.

Perth Hosted Cloud Services

  • You don’t want to deal with the capital expenditure of a new server or the on going maintenance to run your own server, but your business needs website, email, and / or data backup services where everything is kept in the Perth area.
  • You have custom requirements that tie you to a server and want to know if they can be shifted to a hosted cloud service.

Computer Network Planning and Deployment

  • Your business has multiple computers, possibly servers and VOIP, and you need someone to make it all work.
  • Your business is setting up a new office or shifting offices and you need someone to assist in the planning to ensure everything goes smoothly (and that it all works!).

IT Consulting

  • On any of the areas above, including 2nd opinions where you want to be sure that your business is being given the best information possible.
  • On specific business workflow issues where you want to improve your efficiency
  • On specific projects where you need a professional opinion for the IT component.